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The Evergreen State Cannabis Trade Alliance (ESCTA) has submitted its first report to the Washington State Liquor Control Board for the producers' licensing rule making. Our report focused on three desires: full safety testing (for molds, fungus, pesticides, contaminants, etc.), quality testing (for cannabinoids and terpenes), and encouraging small business cannabis production utilizing hundreds of producers. ESCTA was the voice for the small business cannabis producer, processor and distributor as I502 was being implemented. Please read the initial ESCTA report here.

Working to ensure a thriving new industry
with the highest safety standards


The Evergreen State Cannabis Trade Alliance (ESCTA) was committed to the effective and safe implementation of Initiative 502. The introduction of this new industry will provide an influx of revenue for Washington State’s economy, create local jobs and allow law enforcement officers to focus on dangerous criminals.

In addition to continuing to advocate for testing both medical and recreational cannabis to ensure it is safe and locally produced, our members were committed to supporting programs that will help curb teen drug use.

Our members included not only medical cannabis professionals and scientists but also some of those with the most experience growing, processing and distributing the highest standard in legal cannabis in our state. We were committed to working closely with state and local government officials as I-502 is implemented and we retained a lobbyist with established business connections and governmental relations. Our goal were to educate public officials on the importance of the new law and to lend our expertise to ensure that these new laws created a thriving industry with strict safety standards.

We provided a forum for information, education and guidance for all aspects of the legal cannabis industries in Washington State. We also provided a group voice for cannabis professionals still operating in the legal grey area as we work with various agencies, perform public education outreach and advance the cause of producing only the safest, most dependable cannabis products.

Effective December 2013 the Evergreen State Cannabis Trade Alliiance is closed and our members have joined the National Cannabis Industry Association. The members of ESCTA believe that the substantial issues remaining for those involved in I502 production, processing and sales are national in focus: the 280E Tax issue and the banking issue. Please join NCI today to carry on the fight to have fully integrated cannabis businesses.